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Page 35 – kept him warm and fed him certain healing herbs (Artists and Illustrators)

Danny Garrett
Austin, Texas

This page is filled with illuminations. In the first paragraph we have only two. The first is a small sketch of herbs, for that same word. Continue reading

Page 27 – sprinkled with silver stars (Artists & Illustrators perspective)

by Danny Garrett
Austin, Texas

The narrative continues and with it the illuminations. Illumination-wise, this page is filled with stars – in four separate arenas all down the page. Continue reading

The cave's walls are made of an indeterminate substance although the group of stalagmites behind the books on his desk suggest that the substance just may be limestone.

Page 25 – Plate V: The Wise Wizard (Artists & Illustrators perspective)

by Danny Garrett
Austin, Texas

Here we see the Wizard in his cave. In and of itself this is a classic image of one-point perspective; we see the depth of the image as the cave recedes into the distance. Continue reading

The first illumination is just spectacular. It is of a beautiful castle with stars all about and flowers around its base. It signatures “Fairyland” and with it downward spilling stars takes up more that ¼ the height of the page.

Page 23 – Please wake up wise, old owl… (Artists & Illustrators)

by Danny Garrett
Austin, Texas

As the narrative continues we are presented with a beautiful illustration. It is of Princess April with her constant blue companion, the butterfly, in a lovely wooded glen. Continue reading

Page 21, Plate II: The Pussy Cat, a study of white-on-white

Page 21 – Plate IV: Princess April Morning-Glory soon was fast asleep in the pussy-cat’s ear (Artists & Illustrators)

Danny Garrett
Austin, Texas

This is my favorite color plate. It is so subtle in the rendering and so soft in the pastel colors and light brush strokes. Continue reading

As a teacher though, my favorites are the book and arithmetic slate.

Page 10 – And then Princess April would skip off to Fairy School (A&I perspective)

by Danny Garrett, Austin, Texas

This is a typical ‘body’ page in the narrative. When I was cleaning up the ink bleed-through on Letitia’s pages, these were the easiest of all to fix. Continue reading

The depiction of the insects further the story in subtle ways

Page 10 – And then Princess April would skip off to Fairy School

by Kelley Smoot Garrett, Albuquerque, New Mexico

I just love the way this page begins to show the depth behind Letitia’s choice of words to illuminate. Continue reading

Enchanted Forest

Page 7 – Once Upon A Time (the A&I’s perspective)

By Danny Garrett, Hollywood, California

And so the story begins. Much illumination on the page, starting with the illuminated initial, the “O” in “Once upon a time…” The term itself is derived from the Latin initialis, or standing at the beginning. When, as in this case, the initial is nested in an ornate space, and with images inside them, they are known as historiated initials. This is exactly what we have here with butterflies, plants – including a grinning countenance, and a custom border. Continue reading

Plate II: Page 6 – Frontispiece: The Finding of the Baby Princess (Artists’ and Illustrators’)

By Danny Garrett, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bordered by the fine red line that frames not only the plates, but the narrative pages themselves, the first plate reveals itself. Here we see the Fairy Queen discovering the baby Princess April within a vibrant pink tulip. The dandelion, butterfly and ant immediately provide scale for the scene, with another tulip and various plants rounding out the scene. Everything is alive here. Continue reading