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Page 36: Hearts and Flowers - "The two end hearts are red, with the middle one golden, with a equally golden halo. This illuminates the lonely Princess, who '...was as kind as she was beautiful.'" ~ Danny Garrett, restoration artist

Page 36 – At last they came to rest (Artists and Illustrators)

by Danny Garrett
Austin, Texas

A beautiful illustration commands half of the page. It is an image of a lonely princess in a high tower that our wayfarers and the mended bird have come upon. Continue reading

Page 21, Plate II: The Pussy Cat, a study of white-on-white

Page 21 – Plate IV: Princess April Morning-Glory soon was fast asleep in the pussy-cat’s ear (Artists & Illustrators)

Danny Garrett
Austin, Texas

This is my favorite color plate. It is so subtle in the rendering and so soft in the pastel colors and light brush strokes. Continue reading

Composition made from Letitia Fairbanks' illuminations on this page introducing Fairy Misery, and associated negative imagery

Page 12 – to whisper among themselves (A&I perspective)

by Danny Garrett, Austin, Texas

Here is the first example of a page where Letitia has the text sharing space equally with a prime illustration. And what Letitia chose to introduce in this highlighted manner is a portrait of Princess April’s nemesis, Fairy Misery. Continue reading

Page 12 - Seeing Eye flag

Page 12 – to whisper among themselves

by Kelley Smoot Garrett, Austin, Texas

The character prominently introduced on this page in immediately recognized by all as the villain of our story, the wicked Fairy Misery. The image is immediately familiar, yet somehow different. Who could the portrait of this devilish Fairy Misery have been inspired by? Continue reading

Princess April Morning-Glory, 1941 by Letitia Fairbanks as depicted in photo by Audrey Fairbanks, 2013 (photo copyright 2013 Patrick Fallon)

Page 9 – little fairy girl

by Kelley Smoot Garrett, Hollywood, California

By the time the reader has finished this third page of text and embellishment, the table has been laid for the feast that is to come: we know our protagonist and heroine, Princess April Morning-Glory’s birth and her upbringing – all important establishing characteristics that must be illuminated, as it were, to set the unfolding story in its proper context. Continue reading