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Page 13 - cup

Page 13 – Fairy children went to school

by Kelley Smoot Garrett, Austin, Texas

This is a good point to talk about some of the “Old School” stylings that Letitia built into the very fabric of “Princess April Morning-Glory” as both a book, and a piece of installation artwork: the hand-lettered calligraphy in which every word of our story is written. Continue reading

Where the image bleeds through from the reverse onto text, the text equally bleeds through, permeating the image with dark lettering

Page 8 – he touched the fairy baby with his magic wand (A&I perspective)

By Danny Garrett, Hollywood, California

This page is typical of the problems I had to work through as I refined Letitia’s art in preparation to publish. Here you can see that the page is filled with ink text and watercolor illustrations, with ample neutral field for both to be displayed upon.

Continue reading

Once Upon a Time

Page 7 – Once Upon A Time…

By Kelley Smoot Garrett, Albuquerque, New Mexico

It’s the classic beginning to all fairy tales.

Using hand-lettering, much as monks would have done prior to Gutenberg’s revolutionary, moveable, typesets, Letitia similarly illustrated Princess April Morning-Glory. The principal technique she employed through-out her work, is that of illumination. It’s an ancient technique in manuscript transcription that Wikipedia describes as: Continue reading