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Page 19 – as if her heart would surely break

by Kelley Smoot Garrett
Austin, Texas

Fairy tales, of the type Letitia was looking to model Princess April Morning-Glory after, always had a moral, an important lesson meant to be learned by the children who read or had the story told to them – and it was meant to be lived by the adults reading the story to the children. Continue reading

Page 17: the word - brave. As a semiotic flag, note the red cross across the knight's shield.

Page 17 – Immediately Princess April realized that she had been tricked

by Kelley Smoot Garrett, Austin, Texas

This is one of my personal favorite pages from Princess April Morning-Glory. The ½ plate illustration presents the reader with an image of our heroine astride a detailed, anatomically-correct, rendition of a grasshopper. Continue reading

Page 14 – great a temptation

by Kelley Smoot Garrett, Austin, Texas

On this page, the solid alignment of Princess April’s story with the monomyth story cycle as described by Joseph Campbell becomes even clearer. In our post on Page 11, we talked about how the monomyth archetype was one way to view the structure of Letitia’s story-writing. On page 11, there was the first step – The Call to Adventure and now we see our second step on the monomyth journey: The Crossing of the First Threshold: Continue reading

Page 11 - the blue butterfly will come to play a larger role in our drama, as it unfolds in the ensuing weeks

Page 11 – were too small to fly

by Kelley Smoot Garrett, Austin, Texas

With the page, Letitia introduces the first hint of tension into Princess April’s world. And we also get our first glimpse of Princess April’s story framed as the archetypal pattern dubbed the monomyth by scholar Joseph Campbell in his ground-breaking work, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Continue reading