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Firemans Fund Ins Co Fine Arts Floater issued to Letitia Fairbanks beginning May 8, 1941

Page 21 – Plate IV: Princess April Morning-Glory soon was fast asleep in the pussy-cat’s ear

by Kelley Smoot Garret
Austin, Texas

This was possibly Letitia’s favorite drawing in Princess April Morning-Glory because for most of my childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood, when the original artwork was on display in my parent’s living room – whether in LA, Dallas, or Salt Lake City – it was open to this page. Danny Garrett, the restoration artist for Princess April Morning-Glory will have more to say about this enchanting piece of artwork in his blog this week, so let’s return to last week’s letter Letitia had received from her attorney, Mr. Dennis O’Brien of New York City. Continue reading