Do three good deeds!

Page 28 – One must first do three good deeds

by Kelley Smoot Garrett
Austin, Texas

“One must first do three good deeds” – thus the Wizard tells Princess April what is required to get back to Fairyland.

Do three good deeds!

Do three good deeds!

At this point in Letitia’s story, modern readers may react with recoil; the idea of doing good deeds can seem so hopelessly out-of-date in today’s world, with its frequent violence, gratuitous sexual expressions, and general nastiness, and yet, that’s why it’s more important than ever to pay heed to this utterly timeless advice.

So often people seem to say to one another, “This tastes awful, try it!” and offer up a terrible experience to share, forgetting all the beautiful and miraculous things that surround us: the sun rise, or sun set, the waves on a beach, the clouds in the sky, or the wind in a cloudless sky – all offer the majesty of nature, of which we are each a part. Modern news media offers up ugliness on a chronic, habitual basis, serving us up meals of unhealthy thoughts: acts of violence, murder, mayhem – all paraded about daily for our media consumption, as if knowing any of that would make us happier, or safer.

So imagine, what if we all decided to do three good deeds each day before we went home? The world would undergo a complete transformation, because we’d each be thinking about doing three good deeds, and thus would be more open to receiving guidance on just which good deed might be helpful & when. You may scoff when you read this, and I ask, what are you thinking? Whatever that thought is – that’s what you’ll create. Watch and you’ll see the reality played out in your reality. If it’s a kind thought, more kindness is brought into your world. Was it a mean thought? (What a load of crap!) Was it a hopeless thought? (I can never do this!) Then those are the thoughts that will be sent out, impact the world, and be reflected back to you as your reality.

Letitia was a deeply spiritual person who had studied all world’s major religions, followed none, and admired all. She recognized all religions “preach” the same message: Love. And nowhere better in her work is this message captured than in Princess April Morning-Glory, and no other page(s) capture her message than this particular page.

Since publishing Princess April Morning-Glory, I’ve tried to do three good deeds each day, however small they might be. As if to help me achieve my goal, my mother called me up and requested that I come live with her in the final months of her life, and I now have boundless opportunities on a daily basis to do good deeds.

I carefully choose the thoughts I think, as well as the good deeds I do – I know both are making the reality I will experience. I ask each of you to try doing three good deeds a day, and see if it changes your reality.

Till next week, dear readers….

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