Page 33 – and licked his face and wagged his tail

Kelley Smoot Garrett
Austin, Texas

In this page’s illuminations, the love of laughter in the Fairbanks family comes vividly alive.

Page 33: the words "and laughed"

Page 33: the words “and laughed”

Douglas Fairbanks’ first book of light-hearted philosophy published in 1917 was called Laugh And Live. A small tome of practical advice to keep a modern man on the path to success, Douglas’ advice to laugh and therefore live was typical of the times: positive thinking, a can-do attitude, healthy daily laughter and voilà! A man could only succeed!

“The very simplicity of this use of energy proves to us that it is a quality bubbling forth in the least of us and the strongest. It only needs to be put to work and it becomes self-strengthening. Living in the open air, sleeping out of doors, taking the proper exercise, looking wholesomely upon life, believing in ourselves, are all parts of the sane existence which leads to success and laughter.”

Douglas Fairbanks. Laugh and Live (Kindle Locations 303-306).

Some of Douglas’ writing is strikingly similar to Napoleon Hill’s 1938 classic, Think and Grow Rich.

Energy is Nature’s universal set of building blocks, out of which she constructs every material thing in the universe, including man, and every form of animal and vegetable life. Through a process which only Nature completely understands, she translates energy into matter. Nature’s building blocks are available to man, in the energy involved in thinking!

Hill, Napoleon (2012-03-28). Think and Grow Rich (p. 138). Kindle Edition.

And both of these works are adult versions of the same advice contained within our story: clean living, pure thought, doing good deeds, and working with Nature to achieve our goals, one can but only succeed.

Doing things for others may not bring in bankable dividends but it does bring in happiness. Such actions scorn a higher reward. We have only to try out the plan to learn the truth for ourselves. A good place to begin is at home. Then, the office, or wherever life leads us. And in doing these things we will laugh as we go along—we will laugh and get the most out of living.

Douglas Fairbanks. Laugh and Live (Kindle Locations 579-582).

Reading these words in 2013 may seem hopelessly out-of-date, and yet these concepts are the very basis of philosophies currently taught by spiritual teachers such as Neale Donal Walsch, Abraham-Hicks, Louise Hay, and many others. As Douglas reminds us:

Never miss a chance to laugh aloud. Smiling is better than nothing, and a chuckle is better still—but out and out laughter is the real thing. Try it now if you dare!

Douglas Fairbanks. Laugh and Live (Kindle Locations 76-77).

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