Page 20 - the word sun

Page 20 – So Princess April Morning-Glory dried her eyes (Artists & Illustrators)

by Danny Garrett, Austin, TX

Another page with no illustrations and sparse illuminations. As always, there is a coronet above “Princess.” This is followed by actual morning-glories themselves, full-faced floral images with no profiles or ¾ renderings – much different from the bordering motifs of this flower which adorn the cover and front pages. Another Princess coronet for the entire number of illuminations in the second paragraph. The last two illuminations are the sun and branch respectively. And this winds up the artwork on page 20.

Page 20 - the word branch

Page 20 – the word branch

Page 20 - the word Princess

Page 20 – the word Princess

Page 20 - the word sun

Page 20 – the word sun





Often before a full page color plate, we get rather thin illuminations. And really, this is as it should be. Letitia, I feel, did not want to take much away from those lovely full-paged illustrations.

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Danny Garrett

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Danny Garrett, Digital Restoration Artist for "Princess April Morning-Glory" Danny Garrett is best known for his contributions to music ephemera of Austin, Texas, especially in its heady early days in the 1970s. His pen & ink poster portraiture advertising the latest shows were a must-have addition to any blues-lover who saw such greats as Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, and so many more at the legendary Antones nightclub.As computers came of age, Danny adapted and began working for digital game companies, later transitioning to teaching both traditional and digital art. While holding a tenured position at Auckland University of Technology in the Graphic Arts Dept., Danny developed digital techniques to restore Letitia’s artwork to its full glory, and render the previously unprintable pages, printable. Second only to Letitia, we would not finally be reading copies of Princess April Morning-Glory had Danny not graciously volunteered to take this project on.

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